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released July 1, 2012



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ATLAS Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: Accountable
The bullshit you're fed your entire life has buried itself deep inside. Don't let this shit get to you. What others say isn't always true. They tell you you're worthless. Don't believe what they say. Everyone is worthless in some kind of way. You care for others but not yourself. Imagine your life through the eyes of someone else. You think you're dealt the hand that you deserve, but you don't deserve less then what you're worth. Blaming yourself won't answer questions when you ask "What's my purpose? Why am I living?" Fuck your doubt. If you believe in nothing else then at least believe in yourself.
Track Name: Blacklisted
I didn't ask for your advice so don't give me a piece of your mind. Let me learn from my mistakes and let me learn to live free. The shattered dreams of a guided past. Take a risk and take a chance. Take your abandoned future back. You can't live life for someone else. Fuck what you think and fuck what you would do. I live my life for me so why would I live for you. I stand up for what I believe and I follow my dreams because living for someone else isn't really living. The world tells us how to act, what to think, who to be.... but chasing all these things leaves an empty feeling. Life has no limitations. Exceed everyone's expectations. Fuck everyone else and just be yourself.